The Swarmsafety

We are networking today with many things. We play, exchange, share our knowledge, our cars or apartments. Why dont we use this potential to help each other when it really matters? Livvic connects people to make the emergency call easier and faster to save human life.


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About 100,000 people die of sudden cardiac death every year in Germany.
(Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)

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181.386 People were victims of a violence or sexual offense last year.
(Source: Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2015 des BKA)

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We can all help

People do not have to be doctors or combat athletes to help other people. Until the rescue service or the police arrive, it’s normal people who can save lives.


This is how it works

Everybody can be a part of the livvic Club.

> You get help
> You can help
> Together we live more safely

Everybody can get into an emergency situation at any time. You can easily call for help through simply pushing one button.

> With the livvic App or even faster and easier with your Smartwatch
> With the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear you also have the option only to alarm your ‚Private Helpers“

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Every and each one of us can become a life savior.

If someone around you needs your help you will be notified through the App on your Smartphone right away.

> You can see where your help is needed
> You are not alone

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