Smartphone App

With the livvic smartphone app you can see at a glance who your help needs and which helpers were also alerted. With the emergency call button of the smartphone app you can call by click.


call for help

  • We will alert livvic helpers near you and also your private emergency contacts. The rescue service can be called.
  • If you pushed the emergency button accidentally you can easily cancel it.


  • You can see if someone needs your help and how far this person is away.
  • If you answer to the emergency you will receive more detailed information.


  • You can see exactly where your help is needed and who needs help.
  • You also have the opportunity to contact the other livvic helpers by telephone.


The livvic App is compatible with IOS and Android technology, Windows Phone will follow!

Data Protection

You will be traced only in an emergency. Your data will ONLY be submitted in emergency when help is required and the emergency button was pushed.

Data Security

All data is highly secured and stored within the EU.